уторак, 18. октобар 2016.

11th International Theatre Festival JOAKIMINTERFEST

 Selector of The eleventh JoakimInterFest is Zeljko Jovanovic, theatre critic. At the Festival participate theatrical performances from Poland, Belgrade, The National Theatre of the Republic of Srpska Banja Luka, Zenica, Zagreb, Kragujevac. The performances these theatres are in competing for the awards.
This years selection and festival, heid under the motto "Fortune favours the brave", boasts predominantly the young, from a Rusian author Jaroslawa Pulinowitz, to Mia Knežević, and Tanja Šljivar. The young directors Marko Misirača, Ana Đorđević and a Pole Malgorzata Siuda dominate the festival, together with those, such as Mirjana Karanović and Vojislav Brajović, who use their broad stage exsperience in a completely different context, thus giving it a completely new function. The youthful spirit of Pierre Walter Politz, and the creative team of the play "IN agony" is also obvious. These artist have the need, and have found the strenght, as weil as the means, to express themselves in new ways.
I belive that this group of authors, festival participants as well as the organizer, have paved the way for new forms, new themes down in the future.

Željko Jovanović, the festival selector 


The National Theatre of the Republic of Srpska, the play THE SONS DIE FIRST. Writtens by Mate Matišić and directed by Marko Misirača.
Knjaževsko-srpski teatar, the play A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM. Written by William Shakespeare and directed by Pierre Walter Politz.
The Touring Theatre and Ribnjak Stage, Zagreb, the play IN AGONY. Writtens by Miroslav Krleža and directed by a project by Nela Kocsis, Ozren Grabarić and Darko Stazić.
Zvezdara Theatre Belgrade, the play THE TRAIN. Written by Kormak Makarti and directed by Vojislav Brajović.
Atelje 212 Belgrade, the play COFFEE AND CIGARETTES. Written and directed by Mia Knežević.
Belgrade Drame Theatre, the play MY CHILD. Written by Stojan Srdić and directed by Ana Đorđević.
The Polish Theatre in Bielsko-Biala, the play NATASZA. Written by Jaroslawa Pulinowitz and directed by Malgorzata Siuda.
Bosnian National Theatre Zenica, the play WE ARE THE ONES OUR PARENTS HAVE WARNED US ABOUT. Written by Tanja Šljivar and directed by Mirjana Karanović.
In honor of the awarded: Al. Davila Theatre Pitesti, the play EDITH PIAF IN A WHIRL OF HAPPINESS. Author Matei Varodi. 

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