среда, 05. октобар 2011.

6. JoakimInterFest

The essence of the theatre is in the mystery called ‘present moment’. ‘Present moment’ is marvellous. As a piece of broken hologram, its transparency is deceptive. When this atom of time is split, the world is in its infinite obscurity.
Peter Brook, the Open Door
Belgrade, Clio, 2006.
In a time of questioning over sense of human act and engagement in art, in time of compassion and fear, potentates and victims, bizarre banality, betrayed expectations  and expected love, in a time with no enthusiasm and energy, imposed chaos, when ‘rebellion is a matter of directing, of one big global setup’ (Dejan Mijac), in  a world of impotence and ignorance, when it is certain that Godot ‘ will come tomorrow for sure: always tomorrow, but always tomorrow for sure’, when absurd becomes normal,  we will meet on one more Joakim’s holiday of theatre.
We will meet excellent writers, actors and directors. We will be accomplices for their ascent in attempt to answer on ‘permanently present vibrations form invisible spiritual world we often ignore’, we will be accomplices in a collective asking the question of how to connect’ our personal story to outer world, with society as a whole’.
Selector of this year Festival tried to present, in a wideness of artistic variety, those theatres and festival (co)production members of NETA network, whose plays are relevant in region of olive circle, because of its artistic field and scenic expression. And not only them. As professor and director Boro Draskovic said in his new book: ‘Today, the stage of olive circle, is every place in which centre is man, main action of that theatre is a battle for its final liberation. The new theatre  knows its path, with a view that is possible only in present, it is coming on a beginning, to its fundamental languages where entity of every nation is saved, to its main myths and legends where contemporarily is found, to circumstances which belong to one sky, and over that, to entire mankind’
Dragan Jakovljevic, director
Selector and manager of JoakimInterFest
*Boro Draskovic,Olive Circle
Novi Sad, Theatrical Museum of Vojvodina, 2011

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