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Proclaiming the idea Kragujevac Teatropolis, Knjazevsko-srpski theatre and Direction of JoakimFest, iniciated foundation of JoakimInterFest (International Small Scene Theatre Festival) in 2006, with the idea to represent every year some of the essential theatrical values connected with research and inovative tematic.
JoakimInterFest is held every year from October 7th to 15th on scenes of Knjazevsko-srpski Theatre and other places in Kragujevac Teatropolis. Selector of the festival is Dragan Jakovljevic.
At the previous Festivals (including the fifth one coming) participated theatres from 19 countries (Russia, USA, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbian Republic Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine and Canada) and was performed 61 play.
In a very short time JoakimInterFest becomes Festival of a special meaning for Serbia, and according to number of participants from world theatrical centers one of the prestigious Festivals in central Europe.
Sponsors of Festival are Ministry of Culture Republic of Serbia and the City of Kragujevac.


Repertoire of the 5th JoakimInterFest is composed of performances of different genres and director’s poetics, based mostly on classic plays of classic drama writers in contemporary theatrical interpretation. Whether they are basics, literal specimen, or only an inspiration for inventive director’s imagination or an extremely unconventional theatrical approach, performances testify to marvelous esthetic energy.
Selection of this year’s performances, coming from different cultural, social and political environments, give a new light on relation between drama inheritance and tradition, each in its own way. They are asking essential questions and research the relation between individual and history and the world in an acceptable and contemporary lucid way. Having no intention of embellishing past, they evaluate and critically consider on giving an authentic interpretation of a modern artist in a best possible way.
In an exceptional profusion of themes and diversity of ideas, attempting to search for a new interpretation of theatrical expressions in works of Shakespeare, Bulgakov, Strindberg and Gogol, and some younger, but nonetheless important authors like Marieluise Fleisser, Michel de Ghelderode, Mircea Stefanescu, Alexander Olsen, performed in a new director’s and acting tonality, we will dream another Joakim’s dream in Kragujevac Teatropolis, becoming and staying a part of Europe and the world in these hard times. Our friends from Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Russia and Serbia will help us with this, like they did previous years.

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